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The Octavia Project

Octavia Project offers free summer programs for young women, trans, and nonbinary youth. We run two free summer programs: our Summer Institute for ages 14-18, and our Summer Camp for ages 10-13. We use speculative fiction and interdisciplinary workshops to spark interest in and break down bias around STEM subjects like science and tech. Participants stretch their minds by musing on alternate histories with authors like Hugo Award winner N.K. Jemisin; coding interactive games; worldbuilding with architects; and mapping new cities with urban planners. In these explorations, their work grapples with gentrification, body image, climate change, racism, homophobia, and more.

CB14 Youth ConferenceThe Octavia Project
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Prospect Park Zoo – Wildlife Conservation Society

The Discovery Guide Volunteer Program is for Youth 14 – 22 years old. Discovery Guide volunteers educate visitors about the animals in our zoo and how we care for them through fun and engaging activities. They also share stories about our conservation programs and inspire children and adults to take actions that benefit wildlife and the environment. Discovery Guide volunteers may also assist with a variety of education programs.

CB14 Youth ConferenceProspect Park Zoo – Wildlife Conservation Society
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