AHRCNYC – Advance & Earn, Train & Earn

Paid Internship to a Job
Advance & Earn will help further your career through comprehensive High School Equivalency (HSE) test preparation, employer-recognized training, credentials and certifications, and paid internships.
The 20-week program has three components depending on your career interests and educational status. If you don’t have your HSE you will participate in either the Pre-HSE instruction or HSE Preparation programs.

Pre-HSE Instruction
•Literacy and math instruction to prepare for the HSE exam
•Work readiness training
•College and career exploration
•Receive a stipend for participation

HSE Preparation
•Advanced academic instruction to prepare for the HSE exam
•Industry credential attainment
•Work readiness training
•College and career exploration guidance and support
•Paid internship
•Job placement assistance

Direct Support Professional Certification

If you have your High School Diploma and are over 18 years old you can participate in our Direct-Care Support Professional Certification Program. This program prepares young adults to work in the not-for-profit industry supporting people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

Students participating in this certification will receive the following training:
•Supporting people with disabilities
•Introduction to Mental Health Care Services
•Job Coaching
•First Aid

The certification provides a comprehensive introduction to the demanding, but rewarding human services field and equips participants with the skills they need to be successful as they begin their careers

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