East Flatbush Village, Inc.

East Flatbush Village, Inc. (EFV) has since our inception operated a range of advocacy, community organizing, and direct service programs designed to ensure that at-risk youth, families and community members are afforded every possible opportunity to develop into purposeful, productive members of society. EFV also provide adult (parent and senior citizens) workshops inclusive of job training, job opportunities, social issues and etc. to ensure that the we are holistically working with the entire family. These interventions consist of a variety of out-of-school (OST) activities, e.g., tutoring, daily homework assistance, individual & team sports, cultural enrichment: music, dance, arts, step, digital inclusion, conflict resolution, peer mediation training, academic guidance, health & nutrition education, that provide urban youth with somewhere to go and something positive to do.

  • 12,
  • 13,
  • 14,
  • 15,
  • 16,
  • 17,
  • 18,
  • 19,
  • 20,
  • 21

  • Internships,
  • Jobs,
  • Other,
  • Summer/after-school activity,
  • Volunteer opportunities

Areas of interest:
  • Arts/Entertainment,
  • Other

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