Gangstas making astronomical community changes inc. G-MACC INC.

G.M.A.C.C is committed to making positive change by reaching out to residents of all ages in communities ravaged by gun violence and gang activity. By providing tools and resources to embrace the healthy, caring, stable individual within, and to transform the the surrounding community through positivity and activism. G.M.A.C.C. believes in the power of a healthy body, a nurtured soul and a curious mind; we believe that our past mistakes offer critical stepping stones from which to learn and teach. We want to help people draw on their innate intelligence while understanding their emotions in order to transform negative behaviors into positive achievement. G.M.A.C.C. founded, Shanduke Mcphatter, believes that cooperation and fellowship can triumph over I intimidation and negativity. By working together, we can better selves and create stronger communities.

  • 14,
  • 15,
  • 16,
  • 17,
  • 18,
  • 19,
  • 20,
  • 21

  • Career training programs,
  • College information,
  • Health information,
  • Jobs,
  • Summer/after-school activity,
  • Volunteer opportunities

Areas of interest:
  • Public Service/Politics

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