Making the Impossible Possible Inc.

MIPO, Inc. is a non-profit membership organization founded to promote the quality of life to Haitian youths in the United States and abroad through education music, character building, medical care, apprenticeship training, family support, and scholarships. Our mission is to vigilantly help young men and women transition into adulthood.

More recently, MIPO, Inc. have partnered with Long Island University Brooklyn’s speech center in order to provide access to training future bilingual and monolingual speech language pathologists who wish to work with Haitian students with speech and language difficulties. MIPO, Inc. conducted its first youth summit during the fall of 2017 in partnership with the Flatbush YMCA to inspire youth, parents, and mentors to take action and improve their current conditions. MIPO, Inc. provided small group workshops on the following topics: job/career readiness, bridging community and law enforcement relations, college readiness, immigrating to success, youth entrepreneurship, and building romantic relationships. MIPO, Inc. is working to build an attitude of success and creating leadership attitude in youth as they offer scholarships to a select number high school seniors who plan to attend college after graduation. In addition, internship opportunities are provided to marketing and PR interns.

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