The New York City Department of Correction (DOC) provides for the care, custody, and control of persons accused of crimes or convicted and sentenced to one year or less of jail time. The Department manages 15 inmate facilities, 10 of which are located on Rikers Island. In addition, the Department operates two hospital Prison Wards (Bellevue and Elmhurst hospitals) and court holding facilities in Criminal, Supreme, and Family Court in each borough. The Department handles over 100,000 admissions each year and manages an average daily inmate population of approximately 14,000 individuals. Correction Officers, under supervision, maintain security and are responsible for the care, custody, control, job training and work performance of sentenced and detained inmates within New York City correctional facilities. They supervise inmate meals, visits, recreational programs, and other congregate activities; inspect assigned areas for conditions which threaten safety and security; conduct searches in order to detect contraband; complete forms and reports; maintain appropriate log books; communicate with other area Correction Officers to exchange pertinent information; issue verbal orders, announcements and explanations to inmates; observe inmates and make recommendations concerning medical and/or psychiatric referrals; safeguard Department supplies and equipment; escort inmates within and outside of the facility including their transportation in Departmental vehicles; respond to unusual incidents and disturbances; enforce security procedures in accordance with Department guidelines; request medical assistance for inmates when necessary; count and verify the number of inmates present in assigned areas; verify identification of inmates; supervise inmates of either sex; operate a motor vehicle; and perform related work.

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