The Octavia Project Inc.

Are you interested in anime/manga and fantasy culture? Do you write science fiction or love to draw? Would you like to learn new coding skills? Then join the Octavia Project! The Octavia Project Summer Institute is a free summer program inviting young women and trans, nonbinary, and/or gender non-conforming youth ages 14-18 to create connections between science fiction and fantasy in daily workshops that combine science, tech, art, and writing. Whether you want to write a book of fan fic or are an avid computer gamer, the Octavia Project welcomes you! (The Octavia Project encourages Brooklyn residents or students outside of, but able to travel to, the Brooklyn area to apply. Metrocards for travel to and from workshops will be provided to all participants.)

  • 14,
  • 15,
  • 16,
  • 17,
  • 18

  • Summer/after-school activity

Areas of interest:
  • Arts/Entertainment,
  • Science/Math,
  • Technology/Computer and Software Engineering

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